VPS (Virtual Private Server): A Virtual Private Server is a service that offers more privacy and ability and also overcomes some disadvantages that may have a shared hosting service at a lower price and that one dedicated.


1. Concepts
2. What is really a VPS hosting service ?
3. Analogies
4. But what it makes it possible for there VPS services?
5. Why should I consider hiring a VPS service?
6. Clarifying reviews
7. Summary


 1. Concepts


Before you continue to deepen what a VPS, you must understand that they are each hosting services, to make it easier to understand.


Shared Hosting Service: It is the most used for many reasons such as cost, but you must be aware that you share the same resources with others.



  • Low Cost
  • NO need of technical knowledge of servers
  • Tools easy to install
  • But it has some disadvantages that are important to consider before hiring your hosting and sharing service that you must know.




  • Share the same IP server
  • These stayed with others at the same server
  • Share resources such as RAM, CPU, disk, etc.

If for some reason one of the other customers have a problem and need to reboot the server (a task that would run the server administrator hosting service provider), this will affect all customers equally


Dedicated Hosting Service: Is the hosting service that is more expensive but offers many benefits in the shared service does not have.




  • Install your own operating system
  • It is a server exclusively at your disposal
  • Install your own applications and tell themselves I mean develop for you
  • Increases security
  • Managing the server (But we do not have the technical knowledge)



  • More expensive service
  • You need to have a person with expertise in servers


2. What it is really a VPS hosting service?


It other words one or more servers virtualized by software within a physical server, making each of these virtualized servers on a private server.


It is a combination or hybrid of a shared one dedicated service.



Share physical resources such as RAM, processor, hard drive, but with the difference that previously assigned resources to each virtual server and is assigned to your server is only available to you and also you can choose which operating system you want to work and install applications.


You can restart your server whenever you want and this will not affect any of the other customers, or better yet, one of the clients hosting can have any mishap and will need to restart your services, they will not affect you and not even notice your or the other that is hosted on the same server.


Usually this server has more resources than a shared service, because the characteristics of this should be higher, but this will depend on your service provider, so it is very important to consider before hiring.


In mktsv.com all services both shared, dedicated and VPS, are very safe and very well optimized.


You can hire shared for projects that do not require much resource and I can guarantee that the disadvantages I mention above are minimized due to good optimization and protection of existing security and others that you yourself can configure like Antivirus, SPF, dedicated IP, among others .


Take it into account as not all providers offer it.


But if your company is large and generate a lot of traffic to your website, you need protection increased safety as it is not share hardware or need to manage your server and install your own applications can opt for a dedicated service, but yes takes into account that economic investment will be much greater.

3. Analogies


Did you become clear that is a VPS service?


Do not worry, because they are concepts that sometimes need to read again and again to understand, but it is good to experience similarities to help your understanding.


As you know the word hosting its literal English translation is lodging and accommodation, making similarity to a hotel, hostel or building that is intended to rent rooms.


Shared hosting


Imagine that the hosting provider has an apartment and you rent a room, you share the building and each of the services with other tenants (same power supply, water, etc.).


But bad luck you have a neighbor who likes to listen to music at high volume, this will affect your peace of mind.


In addition you imagine another neighbor that has a water leak and repair have to suspend service to the entire building ..., this will also affect you


Dedicated hosting


It is easier to understand, you imagine that you rent hotel complete for you , building can do whatever you want in no afectes anyone else, but that if you need to worry about maintenance or hire a specialized concierge and most importantly it must pay for renting the entire building will be much higher than one apartment or room.


VPS hosting


Completely Private but sharing the same building. It is as if next to you there are no neighbors, have a floor of the building for you, more space, water and separate light to others.


Its price would be higher than one quarter but below the total rental of the building.


Shared you the building but these isolated from the rest


4. But what makes it possible for there VPS services?




Now that you know what a VPS service is almost immediately arises the unknown, what makes it possible to count with this solution?


Virtually are 2 things that make it possible, which I will summarize below


More powerful hardware


Now you can have servers with multiple capabilities, more RAM, more powerful processors, storage space large, while for a single server the service offered exceeds demand (in most cases, that there may be very complex tasks us to fall short, I clarify any objection)


Virtualization Software


The second thing that makes it possible to have a VPS service is virtualization technology (hence its name), which allows us in principle through software divide the physical server resources in the same or different parties, depending on the need, which It simulates multiple servers within the same hardware.


This technology allows each virtualized server independent of each other, you can reboot, shutdown, install the operating system you want, without this affecting other servers.


In mktsv.com can you configure your VPS server capacity according to your need and budget, try the simulator at the following link.


Click the image



5. Why should I consider hiring a VPS service?


This is an excellent question we must all make us to consider that hiring hosting service.


An important issue is the issue of costs, not as they see some financial who think that cheap or free is better ... is a paradigm they have created, the truth always give the advice that cheap is expensive.


Just imagine what would happen that bet on the cheap or free, have all your business on the web and save a few dollars a year, your provider will not guarantee safety as you would offer a professional service payment, which more sooner rather than later I assure you that server will have a crisis and lose everything.


Now I'll ask the question, those dollars you saved rewarded like Have you lost? The answer, as you know, is a resounding NO.



Now you have 3 ways to evaluate that service contract, Shared, Dedicated or VPS.


You facilitates some decision making.


If you're not a corporation that has a number of employees exceeding at least 100 employees or more ... or do not need to install a custom application and a large number of transactions and are unique to your company, dismisses the Dedicated service.


You Think  on the other 2 options nothing more


I'll make you a small example to provide you further decision because it would be better to have a VPS service.


Having a Shared hosting

Imagine a server hosting contracts that do not provide all the guarantees of security, allowing email marketing to its hosted (below I will discuss more on this topic), it can happen the following:


One may have a problem staying to be emitting SPAM and come a time that can saturate the bandwidth of the server and all housed slow start to resent their services until this collapse and have constant falls.


If the hosting provider does not have the tools to control or late in discovering the causes the problem can worsen over time, even get to have IP banned (IP blocking server) and remember as a shared service will not affect only to stay with the problem but all that are hosted on that server.


If you hire a VPS service


With VPS service, you are protect the problems , you may have with a shared service, as either hosted may be emitting SPAM and loss of bandwidth, constant crashes and restarts server does not affect anyone, because everyone It has its own virtual server.


Apart from the other advantages that you can have as more resources at your disposal, administer the server, have superuser privileges (root) to install the operating system you want to install your own applications, etc.


Note that this higher level of protection and privileges has a higher cost but you will have more security, more resources and freedom.


6. Clarifying reviews


With this article I've been thinking does that? some opinions and I'd like you to comment on the matter and invite you to do it.



Shared service


First I am not against shared though I bring to light some of its disadvantages service.


My goal is say  the true  and  don´t to deceive customers.


In mktsv.com provide a service of the highest Hosting Security and although in principle the shared service has the disadvantages that I mentioned above, they minimize the risk with security policies and optimizing their technological resources, even go beyond offering certain solutions that others do not.


I will mention some safety standards mktsv provides:


  • You can hire dedicated IP for your site, not share it with the rest of staying, if you have more than one can hire more dedicated IP
  • You can set up as protection services such as SSL (security certificate for sensitive transactions such as e-commerce)
  • Protection Mail accounts with SPF (Security guard against SPAM)
  • Double anti-spam protection, if for some reason you cast SPAM protection is activated so that do not damage the other hosted server (similar to what the VPS service), this protection guarantees that if others emit SPAM this will not affect.
  • Automatic backup and external security to Dropbox or Google Drive

These are some features of protection and many of them do not have other hosting providers, for which I recommend mktsv.com for its high degree of safety.

If you are already a client and you need to configure or enable any of these options, feel free to ask and I will support you gladly.



E-mail Marketing


I am not against the E-mail Marketing, but if I'm against bad practices on their use.


There are some hosting providers that allow you to post massive shipments in principle it is fine if you're a blogger and you have your customized list of your leads and periodically need to send news letters.

But this opportunity offered by these hosting providers leave an open door for those companies that have a non-segmented email list and offer service E-mail Marketing to customers. And those campaigning massively sending advertising; advertising that most do not want to see because they are not segmented lists, or not have subscribed to all advertisers becoming a SPAM.

This bad practice causes the server IP Banned, saturate the bandwidth and cause constant falls.

In mktsv.com hosting, as policy does not allow the bad practice of misuse of E-mail Marketing, but allows you to make news letters to your list of subscribers.


7. Summary


The VPS service is the solution between shared and dedicated, through virtualization, offering the advantages of both services.


Before hiring new hosting service or you are thinking change you, take into account the different advantages and evaluates that more suits you  based on your need.

Takes into account the level of security provided by the hosting provider, do not buy blindly and much less free or cheap, if you want your business to be strong should invest a bit.


I hope this information will be very useful if you need to ask questions or give any opinion, I invite you to write in the comments.





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