What is web hosting?


What is web hosting?

Hosting: Is the service that you offer companies renting you partial or full space on one of their servers with the main objective that you can host your web site among others.

After this brief explanation, it is important that you consider the following recommendations that nobody explains to those who start their project website or Blog.


  1. That are so important to consider the hosting?

  2. What is domain?

  3. Consider the security

  4. Summary


1. That are so important to consider the hosting?



To the plan the creation of web site, E -commerce or Blog, many are focus in varied objectives as it are the image the design, the product, keyword, the content, etc., but many is forget of something very important as it is the Hosting. and they usually almost always buy it at last moment without assessing.

A hosting not is a service that you buy to the light. The most when starts it buys almost without evaluate it and that is as buy to blind leaving to the luck and usually will bring as consequence future pains of head.

You may ask: would by that when is purchased from the light I run the risk of having future headaches?
Because you can happen as result that get a bad service of hosting, and consequently you will come a series of problems, among which below you mention some of many.


Problems by having a bad Hosting service:


  • Falls constant of your website
  • Pass off-line by hours and even days
  • Lose communication via email
  • Slowness of load of your Web site


  • Constant falls of your web site


Many hosting providers offer not having almost fallen on their servers, usually tell you 99.99% online, but what should really ensure you is to have security on their servers before offering minimum fall rate.

If a hosting provider offers you security, it is because its service has taken into account in many aspects such as Firewalls, Anti-virus, anti-spam, security policies, etc.

Noting that hosting provider takes seriously the issue of security will give you automatically the certainty that you have really a service that won't fall on its servers.

Bellow i will talk about security


  • Pass off-line for hours and even days


Incredibly, spend days with a website fall, it happens in real life and you can happen to you, but you take into account the recommendations are on this blog.

Recently in June 2016, to be exact, I realized that a company that happened in Spain and spend several days without service, even after changing providers because it was not prepared to face a crisis like that and not taking into account how safe was the hosting where he was depositing your online business.

Go through the website fallen causing irreparable harm to anyone facing this situation lost, you can lose information, the development of your page (talking about the programming part), affects SEO, lost sales, including losing those already are customers, etc.


  • Losing communication via email


When you already own a domain (below the definition is explained), this is already your personal brand, it's like you know on the network, whether you're a business, entrepreneur or blogger, is essential that your email is always available, both send or receive information.

It happens often because of security hosting provider can have problems SPAM on their servers and so you can have a ban IP (IP blocking which points to the web page to the server) and have problems sending and receiving emails.

Another case is when the website goes down, as I explained earlier, you also lose communication by email, as this affects all (p, mail, ftp, etc.)

Today it is essential that you always have your email, it's how you recognize your customers and others, can not afford not to have it 100% available, as this affects your business relationships and business image or personal brand.

  • Slow loading of your Web site

It is very important that your site loads fast, having slow loading your page bounce rate increases affecting your SEO and your sales directly.

It is therefore essential to consider it seriously.

Yes you need to learn more about the issue of slow loading, at the following link delves deeper into the subject:


2. What is Domain ?

Domain: It is a unique name that identifies your business name, business, personal brand or blog, is how your website is known in the cloud.

The website, hosting and domain are very different things but they are very hand, no one can not work the other two.

If your project is a blog and want to have your personal brand is very important to think of a name that is very attractive, short and go very related to what you project.

Yes your subject is clothing, you think of a name that is closely related to clothing, is due to hit much to your target audience. If you do it well and in a very original way this will help you have more traffic to your site because you helped that Google identifies you better and this ultimately will help your SEO.

If you want to make a search query or if available a domain name, enter the following link:


Remember that mktsv.com Hosting Secure and Fast, offers free domain when hiring your hosting plans

3. Consider the security


The security that the hosting provider offers you tranquility will give your website will do well in most aspects, as they are closely related.

A Server Hosting Security will give you:

  • Charge Rate
  • Web site always online
  • Email always available
  • Minima bounce rate
  • A Better SEO
  • More likely sales

A good hosting provider must have in their security environment the following:

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-SPAM
  • SSL
  • Private IP
  • Backups
  • Security politics

In mktsv.com Hosting Secure and Fast, they offers one of the best hosting market because it takes very seriously the issue of security on your servers, ensuring that whatever happens to your website will always be online.

4. Summary

If you are to start your web project, e-commerce or blog should consider in your planning the theme that hiring Hosting as one of the main points.

If, however, you already have your web project running and have problems that are mentioned in this post or another, I invite you to migrate Hosting provider immediately so that you correct as soon as possible. If you need to consult me you can do so freely writing in the comments below.

Hiring a good hosting service will avoid:

  • Constants Falls your website
  • Pass off-line for hours and even days
  • Losing communication via email
  • Slow loading of your Web site

The hosting provider should guarantee that offers secure servers, this will give you full confidence that you will have a quick website and always online.

When you know that the server is secure, you can rest assured you will not have surprises affecting your business and dedicate 100% to the other issues that need to focus as an entrepreneur to bring your goals to success.

I hope you written information has been helpful, Write in the comments what you think or if you have any questions we will gladly answer it.

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